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My Philosophy

I am a believer that healing comes through our own immune system. Herbs can be used to work with and strengthen our immune system. Many pharmaceutical drugs do the opp-


osite; they weaken the immune system. Pharmaceutical drugs do have their place, but I do not support long term use of these products. Good food along with herbs are long termed products that help to restore and maintain health. Herbs are for the healing of the nations.

Yes, I Threw Out the Pharmaceutical Drugs

There has been times when I threw out drugs provided by my doctor. But I would not recommend that you disobey your doctor’s orders. You must be knowledgeable enough to disagree with your doctor. I recall my experience of hearing pulsing sounds that originating in my ears. These pulses were heard every day and several times a day. I decided to see my doctor to find out what was causing this beating sound.

After his examination, I was told that it was my sinus. Wanting to help me to feel better, he gave me some tablets and something to sniff up my nose. He also saved me money by giving me free samples. I was grateful for his efforts and good intentions. However, I was not satisfied. I wanted to know what actually triggered my sinus that caused the pulsing – there must be a root cause. I refused to take any of the medication.

Visit to an Alternative Doctor

Then it occurred to me to see an alternative doctor. This is a doctor that has treated me before, but I was trying to save some money by going to my conventional doctor. My health insurance covered the cost of my visit there, but with the alternative doctor, I had to pay out-of-pocket (and it was not cheap). The alternative doctor asked me what changed in my diet since the last time I visited.

I told him that I found some Digestive cookies. The cookies tasted so good and they had a nice texture that I found them hard to resist. I actual had them in my car at all times. Before I finished a pack, I bought two more. The doctor told me, just as the previous doctor, that the pulsing had to do with my sinus. He further told me that it was caused by the wheat and oil in the cookies.

His advice was that I stop eating, not just the cookies, but anything with wheat, for two weeks. This time I obeyed the doctor’s order and before the end of the two weeks the pulsing stopped. Then, to prove to myself it was the wheat, I started eating the cookies again. And, yep, the pulsing returned.

Persistence Pays Off

You may be thinking that I seem to be quite a persistent guy and do not rest until I find answers to my whys. If you are thinking that way, you are correct. Sometimes it takes a long time (years) to get satisfactory answers. And I also add that I am not easily convinced – even if they are popular beliefs. This might be the reason that I did very well in college as an engineering student. I currently teach electrical engineering at 2-year and 4-year institutions. I also teach physics and mathematics. These programs have a lot of whys. I enjoy the journey looking for answers and it is very rewarding when I find them.

My Experience with Herbs

I have been quite health conscious for about 40 years. I stay away from pharmaceutical drugs and things that are foreign to the body, as much as I can. And I know that there are many people like me and others who want to do the same. I have been fascinated with the healing properties of plants since I was a teenage. I grew up in a rural area where plants were used in time of illness to help to restore health.

Picking leaves, grass, or pulling the roots of plants and preparing them fascinated me. As a family, we did this daily, even when we were not sick. It was also a means of maintain good health. Even the dogs sought and consumed herbs. In those days we rarely had reason to visit the doctor.

We were naturally healthy that we exercised without thinking about exercising. What I mean is that, our lives were very active as we climbed hills carrying food and water. Sometimes we would walk to or from school, which was about a 6-mile journey. We were exercising without even thinking about exercise.

My Search for a Natural Remedy

The only ailment I had during those days was asthma. I had asthma for the whole time I lived in that rural area. We tried various natural remedies, but none of them worked for me. The only thing that brought me relief was a pharmaceutical drug. As mentioned earlier, pharmaceutical drugs do have their place. I was confident, though, that there was a natural way to bring my asthma attacks to closure, but just did not know what that natural way was.

I noticed that whenever I visited to the United States (yes I’m not originally from the USA) with a mild asthma attack, I had no asthma by the time I stepped of the plane. This happened on more than one occasion. I have now been living in the United States since 1993 and have not had another asthma attack. So I concluded that my asthma had something to do with the environment that I was living in. I do not know, to this day, what was in that environment that kept triggering my asthma.

Yes, There’s a Natural Remedies for That

There are natural remedies for all ailments. It could be as simple as stop eating something that triggers it, or taking something natural as in certain foods or herbs, or it can be just changing your environment. We are all different in that what works for one may not work for another, and this also includes the drugs recommended by our doctors. This can be frustrating for the doctors too.

What Happened to Our Fruits and Vegetables?

I am a vegetarian. I get my products from sources that provide organic fruits and vegetables, that are dense with nutrients. Most of the fruits and vegetables, purchased at the supermarkets, are laden with chemicals that dilute the nutrients they ought to contain. A pound of any vegetable today have far less than the nutrients they had years ago. People who call themselves vegetarians, or vegan, have to be very careful about the source of the food they eat. I also exercise regularly that helps to keep the aches and pain away as I get older.

What I Will Do for You

My role on this website is to search for the highest quality herbs and dietary supplements for various kinds of ailments, then write reviews concerning what we need to know so that you can make informed decision as to which products will work for you. If there are herbs and dietary supplements that have been tested and proven to work I will search for them and provide the information on this website. If you know about any herbs or dietary supplements that you would like me to review and post on this website, let me know. I am sure someone will benefit from your input.

Herbs are for the healing of the nations. Let’s expand our knowledge about them and use them for great heath and long life.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Healthy Living,



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